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The Def Squad
Coach Jared Chichester

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QB Drew Brees vs. Seattle Seahawks
Aaron Brooks vs. Carolina Panthers
Kerry Collins vs. Philadelphia Eagles
RB Shaun Alexander @ San Diego Chargers
Jamal Lewis @ Pittsburgh Steelers
Stacey Mack @ Indianapolis Colts
Fred Taylor @ Indianapolis Colts
WR David Boston (Injured Reserve) @ Denver Broncos [IR]
Curtis Conway vs. Seattle Seahawks
Joe Horn vs. Carolina Panthers
Terrell Owens @ St. Louis Rams
Donte' Stallworth vs. Carolina Panthers
TE Doug Jolley vs. Kansas City Chiefs
Billy Miller vs. Tennessee Titans
K Phil Dawson vs. Atlanta Falcons
Olindo Mare @ New England Patriots
Def Miami Defense @ New England Patriots
Oakland Defense vs. Kansas City Chiefs
DL Derrick Brooks @ Chicago Bears
Ronald McKinnon @ Denver Broncos
DB Robert Griffith vs. Atlanta Falcons
Darren Sharper @ New York Jets

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